Credit Card ACceptance Payment Processing Solutions
Our goal is to educate you about accepting credit cards and the best credit card processing solutions for your business. With free setup, free software and guaranteed lowest merchant account rates, we look forward to saving you money and helping your grow your business. We offer new merchants a variety of tools to inform you about accepting credit cards. Select your business type to learn which processing solutions are best for your company.

Internet Processing

If you are an online business accepting credit cards, your online merchant account will need to process credit cards using the payment gateway. This payment processing method consists of a virtual terminal and as long as you have access to the internet, you can manually process credit card orders from any location. This method is also very popular with Internet merchant accounts because it’s designed to automatically process credit card orders at the exact time a customer makes a purchase from the website at any time of day.

Point of Sale Terminals

Retail and store-front merchant accounts use point of sale terminals for payment processing. This payment processing method is popular among retail businesses because their credit card transactions will most often have the card physically present and swiped at the time of the purchase, but it’s also flexible to allow merchants to key-in the credit card information when the card is not physically present. Our merchant accounts offer a full line of terminals to meet your specific payment processing needs from the most popular brands, best prices, and offer a large selection of free payment processing equipment.

Processing Software

This payment processing method has many advantages and is most popular and flexible with merchants using a desktop or laptop computer. Software packages are designed for Windows and Macintosh computers and are very convenient because they generate and store digital copies of all transactions, allowing merchants to go back, search and print out reports. Processing software can be used for both credit card present or no card present transactions. If the card is physically present, a USB swiper is used to swipe the card. If the card is not present, the payment can be processed with a “keyed” transaction. Learn more about our processing software and free equipment merchant accounts.

Wireless Devices

Wireless devices are unique and differ from counter terminals because they communicate through a wireless network as opposed to a regular phone line. Wireless terminals have many advantages and are extremely convenient for mobile merchant accounts. They function on a rechargeable battery system and can be used anywhere, and provide merchants with the options of swiped or keyed transactions. We carry an extensive supply of wireless hardware for free and at bargain prices.

Phone Processing

If your not a retail merchant or only process a few credit card transactions each month, this is your ideal merchant account solutions. Processing credit cards over the phone is simple, does not require any software or equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. All this method requires is a phone. The merchant can easily process a transaction using a telephone keypad by dialing a toll free 800 number.

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